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MA372 Content

This scheme is designed to allow any student to offer for exam any reasonable piece of mathematics not covered by the lecture modules, for example a 3rd/4th year or M.Sc. module given at Warwick in a previous year. Any topic approved for one student will automatically be brought to the attention of the other students in the year. Note that a student offering this option will be expected to work largely on his or her own.

The aims of this option are (a) to extend the range of mathematical subjects available for examination beyond those covered by the conventional lecture modules, and (b) to encourage the habit of independent study. In the following outline regulations, the term ``book'' includes such items as published lecture notes, one or more articles from mathematical journals, etc.

1. A student wishing to offer a book for a reading module must first find a member of staff willing to act as moderator. The moderator will be responsible for obtaining approval of the module from the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Mathematics Department, and for circulating a detailed syllabus to all 3rd and 4th year Mathematics students before the end of Term 1 registrations (week 3).

2. The moderator will be responsible for setting a three-hour exam paper, this exam is almost always in the exam session immediately after Easter vacation, regardless of the term(s) in which the particular reading module is carried out.

3. The mathematical level and content of a reading module must be at least that of a standard 15 CATS 3rd Year Mathematics module. A reading module must not overlap significantly with any other module in the university available to 3rd Year Mathematics students.

4. Students may not take more than one reading module in any one year (MA372, MA472 or a reading module with its own code).