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MA5Q5 Content

The project will be undertaken by MSc students enrolled in the two-year MSc course during their first year of study via study of relevant literature, possibly elements of research, independently but under the guidance of their MSc. supervisor. It will result in a scholarly report written mostly over summer. Before the beginning of the second year, the student must submit a project scholarly report worth 24 CATS which will be marked by the supervisor and a second marker. The project will contribute to the first year mark. An average of 60% including the module and project marks is required to proceed to the second year. However, the first year project will not contribute to the final mark at the end of the second year: this will be reflected in the regulations for G1PC.

•to develop an ability to communicate mathematics to diverse audiences.
•to give a deeper appreciation of how mathematics underpins the modern world.

By the end of the module:
The student will learn how to communicate written mathematics.
The student will get ready to undertake similar tasks at a higher depth and scholarly level needed for writing their MSc. dissertation in year 2.