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Course Regulations Overview

Degree Courses and Year Weightings

We offer several degrees and intercalated variants:

  • G100 Mathematics years 1, 2 and 3 weighted 10:30:60 (for 2019 entry only* 0:30:70);
  • G103 Mathematics (MMath) weighted 10:20:30:40 (for 2019 entry only* 0:20:35:45);
  • GL11 Mathematics and Economics weighted 10:40:50 (transfer to Economics Department at end of year 2, for 2019 entry only* 0:40:60);
  • G1NC Mathematics and Business Studies weighted 10:40:50 (transfer to Warwick Business School at end of Year 2, for 2019 entry only* 0:50:50);

Intercalated variants as follows (G106 the 3rd year abroad counts for credit, all the others it does not):

  • G101 Mathematics with Intercalated Year weighted 10:30:0:60 (year 3 abroad, for 2019 entry only* 0:30:0:70);
  • G105 Mathematics (MMath) with Intercalated Year weighted 10:20:0:30:40 (year 3 abroad, for 2019 entry only* 0:20:0:35:45);
  • G106 Mathematics (MMath) with Study in Europe weighted 10:20:20:50 (year 3 abroad, 2019 entry only* 0:20:25:55);
  • G107 Mathematics (MMath) with Study Abroad weighted 10:20:20:50
  • GL12 Mathematics and Economics (with Intercalated Year) 10:40:0:50 (year 3 abroad, for 2019 entry only* 0:40:0:60);

* "2019 entry only" includes those who entered the University earlier but who studied the first year of a course in 19/20, and whose first year marks were subject to force majeure (i.e. also students who may have had a restart or returned from a temporary withdrawal).

Regulations by Year

Detailed course regulations by year are outlined at the top of each year's module pages, or historical (pre-1015) can be found on the University's central course regulation pages. Note in particular the section here on Examinations and Assessment on specific rules for progression, and decisions of the various Exam Boards. It is usually neccessary to pass a specific number of CATS in order to progress, as well as to be awarded a degree.

For regulations for Joint Degrees for years once transfer to the other department has taken place please consult that Department's Course Handbook: