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Bogdan Alecu

Picture of me

I am a final year PhD student. I am studying graph theory under the supervision of Prof. Vadim Lozin. My thesis' main focus is the interplay between various graph parameters and hereditary classes. Among other things, it deals with questions of the form: how can we characterise boundedness of parameter $p$ within universe $X$?

Research interests

Graph theory (in any of its many flavours - structural, algorithmic, algebraic, extremal, enumerative, ...), permutation patterns, Ramsey theory, well-quasi-orderability, combinatorics in general.

Publications and preprints

B. Alecu, V. Lozin, D. Malyshev. Critical properties of bipartite permutation graphs, European J. Combin., Submitted. Preprint available at

B. Alecu, V. Lozin, D. de Werra. The micro-world of cographs, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Submitted. Extended abstract available at

B. Alecu, A. Atminas, V. Lozin, V. Zamaraev. Graph classes with linear Ramsey numbers, Discrete Mathematics, Accepted, subject to minor revision. Preprint available at

B. Alecu, A. Atminas, V. Lozin. Graph Functionality, J. Combin. Theory B, Accepted. Extended abstract available at

B. Alecu, V. Lozin, D. de Werra, V. Zamaraev. Letter Graphs and Geometric Grid Classes of Permutations: Characterization and Recognition, Discrete Applied Mathematics 283 (2020), 482-494.

B. Alecu, M. Kanté, V. Lozin, V. Zamaraev. Between clique-width and linear clique-width of bipartite graphs, Discrete Mathematics 343 (2020).