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Marya Bazzi

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Marya Bazzi

Honorary Assistant Professor



Research interests

I am interested in developing methods and algorithms for detecting and/or recovering structure in large time-dependent data. I am equally interested in applying such tools to real world problems in areas such as online media, biology, digital humanities, and finance. My main area of research is Network Science. Topics of particular interest are time-dependent networks, mesoscale structure (e.g., community structure and core-periphery structure), multilayer networks, stochastic block models, combinatorial optimization, and spectral optimization.

Major / recent publications

L. G. S. Jeub, G. Colavizza, X. Dong, M. Bazzi, M. Cucuringu, "Local2Global: A distributed approach for scaling representation learning on graphs",, 2022. To appear in Machine Learning, Springer.

L. G. S. Jeub, G. Colavizza, X. Dong, M. Bazzi, M. Cucuringu, "Local2Global: Scaling global representation learning on graphs via local training", DLG-KDD, 2021.

A. Tsakalidis, B. Pierpaolo, M. Bazzi, M. Cucuringu, and B. McGillivray, "DUKweb: Diachronic word representations from the UK Web Archive corpus", Scientific Data, 2021.

A. Elliott, A. Chiu, M. Bazzi, G. Reinert, M. Cucuringu, "Core-Periphery Structure in Directed Networks", Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 2020.

M. Bazzi*, L. G. S. Jeub*, A. Arenas, S. D. Howison, and M. A. Porter, "A Framework for the Construction of Generative Models for Mesoscale Structure in Multilayer Networks", Physical Review Research, 2020.

A. N. M. Darmon, M. Bazzi, S. D. Howison, and M. A. Porter, "Pull out all the stops: Textual analysis via punctuation sequences", European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2020.

A. Tsakalidis, M. Bazzi, M. Cucuringu, B. Pierpaolo, and B. McGillivray, "Mining the UK web archive for semantic change detection", Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP), 2019.

M. Bazzi, M. A. Porter, S. Williams, M. McDonald, D. J. Fenn, and S. D. Howison, "Community Detection in Temporal Multilayer Networks, with an Application to Correlation Networks", Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal, 2016.

Research activities

I co-organise the following activities and interest groups:

Data Science for Social Good

Data Study Group

Low dimensional structure in data and graphs: models, analysis, and algorithms

Media in the digital age