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Professor Christopher Jones


Christopher Jones

Professor of Mathematics


Office: D2.07

Phone:+44 (0)24 7652 3736

Email: C dot K dot R dot T dot Jones at warwick dot ac dot uk


Research Interests: Dynamical systems and applications, particularly in earth sciences


Most relevant recent publications:

Jones, C, Grenier, E, Turitsyn, S and Zharnitsky, V, Stabilizing effects of dispersion management, Physica D Nonlinear Phenomena 152-153, (2001) 794-817.

Jones, C, Ide, K and Kuznetsov, L, A Method for Assimilation of Lagrangian Data, Monthly Weather Review 131, (2003) 2247-2260.

Jones, C, Grenier, E, Rousset F and Sandstede, B, Viscous perturbations of marginally stable Euler flow and finite-time Melnikov theory, Nonlinearity 18, (2005) 465-483.

Jones, C, Chung, Y, Shäfer, T and Wayne, C E, Ultra-short pulses in linear and nonlinear media, Nonlinearity 18, (2005) 1351-1374.