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Professor Clifford Earle

Picture of Clifford Earle  

Clifford Earle

Honorary Professor

We are very sorry to hear that Cliff died on 12th June 2017, in Ithaca NY, after a long illness. He was 81 years old.

Ravi Ramakrishna, Professor and Chair at the Mathematics Department, Cornell University, writes:

"Lisa Earle informed me this morning that our friend and colleague Cliff Earle passed away. Cliff earned his Ph.D. with Ahlfors at Harvard in 1962. He spent 1962-63 at Harvard as an Instructor, was at IAS from 1963-65 and joined Cornell in the Fall of 1965. He served 39.5 years (at Cornell), including 3 as Chair from 1976-79. At least ten students earned their Ph.D. with Cliff and his 83 papers have been cited over 1000 times by almost 600 different authors. He was a Guggenheim Fellow, Distinguished Ordway Visitor at the University of Minnesota and Honorary Professor at the University of Warwick."

David Mond writes:

"Cliff spent a year at one of the very first Warwick symposia. He had been an early collaborator with Jim Eells. He visited the Maths Institute many times. He had prostate cancer for some time, and last year it spread. Apparently there was a paper with Al Marden he has been trying to finish for about thirty years, and at one point he asked for another round of chemo so he could continue working. I don’t know if he managed to finish it."

Cliff and Lisa have two daughters, Susan and Rebecca. Rebecca is a Professor of History at Warwick.

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