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Solly Coles


I'm a third year PhD student in dynamical systems and ergodic theory, under the supervision of Prof. Richard Sharp. At the moment I'm thinking about the distribution in homology of periodic orbits of hyperbolic flows. Before this, I worked on linking numbers of periodic orbits and connections with helicity - the results are summarised in this preprint:

Helicity, linking and the distribution of null-homologous periodic orbits for Anosov flows (with R. Sharp)


SPAAM seminar (Warwick, Jan 2021) - Helicity for volume-preserving Anosov flows - Video (including technical difficulties at 4:05)

DAGGER seminar (Warwick, Feb 2021) - Helicity and tangled orbits of Anosov flows

BRIJGES (Bristol, March 2021) - Helicity and tangled orbits of Anosov flows


I have previously been a TA for Dynamical Systems, Functional Analysis 1/2, Norms, Metrics and Topologies, and Analysis 1. I have also been responsible for 2nd year supervisions, and assisted in high school problem solving classes.


I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Bristol, where my final year thesis was entitled 'Representation Theory of the Symmetric Groups', supervised by Dr Tim Burness.

Other Activities

This year, along with Marco Linton and Thomas Richards, I am organising the DAGGER seminar for junior researchers in the areas of dynamics, geometry, and topology. If you would like to suggest a speaker or give a talk yourself, please feel free to email one of us.

I am one of the organisers of Warwick's Network for Ethnic Minority Postgrads (NEMP). If you're interested in being involved, please let us know.


Email: solly.coles"at"

Office: B3.04, Mathematics Institute