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Professor (Emeritus) Colin Sparrow

Picture of Colin Sparrow  

Colin Sparrow

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
(retired 1st January 2022)

Email: C dot Sparrow at warwick dot ac dot uk


Teaching Responsibilities 2021/22: 

Term 1: MA3F1 Introduction to Topology

Teaching Archive:

Bears: sub-module (and information about the sub-module)

Research Interests:
Dynamical systems, differential equations, bifurcations, game theory, discrete event systems

Some publications:

Swinnerton-Dyer H P F, Sparrow C, The Falkner-Skan Equation II: Dynamics and the Bifurcations of P- and Q-orbits. Journal of Differential Equations, 183, (2002) 1- 55

Burbanks A D, Nussbaum R D, Sparrow C, Extension of order-preserving maps on a cone. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 133A, (2003), 35 - 59

Sparrow C, van Strien S, Harris C, Fictitious Play in 3 x 3 Games: The Transition between Periodic and Chaotic Behaviour. Games and Economic Behaviour, 63, (2008), 259-291

van Strien S, Sparrow C, Fictitious play in 3 x 3 Games: Chaos and Dithering behaviour, arXiv (2009), Games and Economic Behaviour, 73(1), (2011), 262-286 published paper

[For Maple worksheets associated with the two publications above, follow link to Sebastian van Strien's home page.]

Sparrow C, van Strien S, Dynamics associated to games (fictitious play) with chaotic behavior (preprint version) in Dynamics, Games and Science I, eds M.M.Peixoto et al, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics Vol 1, ISBN 978-3-642-11455-7, pages 747-760, Springer-Verlag, 2011. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-11456-4_48

Further publications: publications.pdf