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Professor David Mond


David Mond

Professor of Mathematics

Office: C2.17
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 3570
Email: D dot M dot Q dot Mond at warwick dot ac dot uk


Teaching Responsibilities 2020/21: 

Research Interests:
Singularity theory, algebraic geometry, climate change


Most relevant recent publications:

Mond, D and Nuño-Ballesteros J.J: Singularities of Mappings, Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften Vol 357,

xv+567 pp, Springer-Verlag 2020

Cadman, P, Mond D, van Straten D, Logarithmic vector fields and the Severi strata in the discriminant, Singularities in geometry, topology, foliations and dynamics, 55–76, Trends Math., Birkhäuser/Springer, Cham, 2017.

Mond, D, and Schulze, M, Adjoint divisors and free divisors, J. Singularities, 7 (2013), 253-274.

Granger, M., Mond, D. and Schulze, M., Partial Normalizations of Coxeter Arrangements and Discriminants, Moscow Mathematical Journal, 12(2), (2012)

Mond, D, Granger, M, and Schulze, M, Free divisors in prehomogeneous vector spaces, Proc LMS, 102(5) (2011), 923-950.

Mond, D, Granger, M, Nieto Reyes, A, and Schulze, M, Linear free divisors and the global logarithmic comparison theorem, Ann. Inst. Fourier, Tome 59(2) (2009), 811-850.

de Gregorio, I, Mond, D, and Sevenheck, C, Linear Free Divisors and Frobenius Manifolds, Compositio Math. 145(5) (2009), 1305-1350

Goryunov, V. Mond, D. Tjurina and Milnor numbers of matrix singularities. Journal of London Math. Soc., 72, (2005), 205 - 224

Mond, D. Smith, J. van Straten, D. Stochastic factorizations, sandwiched simplices and the topology of the space of explanations. Proc Royal Society A: Math-Phys, 459, (2003), 2821- 2845

Research grants:

Royal Society, Conference Grant (22/07/2002 - 02/08/2002)

LMS, Singularities and Applications Support (01.10.2004 - 30.9.2006)

University of Birmingham, In Service Teacher Training of Mathematics Lecturers in HE (1.7.2005 - 30.6.2006)

EPSRC, Frobenius Manifolds & F-manifolds in Singularity Theory (01.10.2005 - 30.9.2008)

EPSRC, "free Divisors, Gauss-Manin systems and Monodromy calculus" (01/09/2006 - 31/12/2006)

For more information and further publications see David Mond's homepage