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Daofei Zhang

About me

My name is 张道飞 (Daofei Zhang), from Jiangxi Province, China. I am a 4th year PhD student of Prof. Mark Pollicott. I am funded by Mark's ERC research project, and my research topic is mixing rates of hyperbolic flows and their compact group extensions.

Previously, I got my bachelor's degree from Jiaxing University in 2017, and then I became a graduate student of Prof. Dawei YangLink opens in a new window in Suzhou University and I got my master's degree in 2020.

Publications and Preprints

  1. Daofei Zhang and Yuntao Zang, Volume of singular hyperbolic sets. (English summary) Acta Math. Sin. (Engl. Ser.) 37 (2021), no. 10, 1507-1512. opens in a new window
  2. Mark Pollicott and Daofei Zhang, Rapid mixing for compact group extensions of hyperbolic flows. ArXiv:2405.07356 opens in a new window
  3. Daofei Zhang, Rapid mixing and superpolynomial equidistribution for torus extensions of hyperbolic flows. Arxiv:2405.11367 opens in a new window
  4. Daofei Zhang, A remark on rapid mixing for hyperbolic flows. Arxiv:2405.19241 opens in a new window
  5. Daofei Zhang, Stretched-exponential mixing fro surface semiflows and Anosov flows. In preparation.
  6. Daofei Zhang, On mixing rates of torus extensions of codimension one Anosov flows. In preparation.


Email: Daofei dot Zhang at warwick dot ac dot uk