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MA4K9 Research Project: Topic interests

My research interests include addressing interdisciplinary problems in epidemiology that involve the dynamics of behaviour. I have particular interests in:

  • public and veterinary health policy
  • zoonoses and One Health
  • social contagion and the impact of behaviour on infectious disease dynamics

My approach involves the application of mathematical and computational methods, including the development of models, parameter inference and the evaluation of interventions via computational simulation.

See my ResearchLink opens in a new window webpage for more information on specific projects I have worked on.

If you are interested in a project in one (or more!) of these research areas, please do get in contact with me (Email: Together, we can determine a specific project that matches your interests and skills.

Example projects include:

Also, it would be recommended to have taken “Epidemiology by Example” (MA4M1) and/or “Population Dynamics” (MA4E7) already or alongside an R-project in these areas.