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Bruno Federici

I am PhD student at the Mathematics Institute under the supervision of Agelos Georgakopoulos and Dan Král'.

Office: B0.15

E-mail: B.Federici (at)

Research interests: I work on infinite graphs with a geometric flavour: usually our graphs are plane and have no accumulation points. The two fundamental properties I am interested in are hyperbolicity and non-amenability; my favourite equivalence relation is quasi-isometry.

We submitted a paper entitled "Hyperbolicity vs. Amenability for planar graphs" to a journal, here is the arXiv version of it.

Teaching task:

2015/2016, Term 1: Teaching assistant for MA3F1 Introduction to topology, Tuesday 1pm.

2013/2014, Term 1: Support seminars for CS136 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 1, Friday 10am.