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Steven Groen


Since September 2019, I'm a PhD student in the number theory group under the supervision of Damiano Testa. My interests include arithmetic geometry and algebraic number theory. Currently I'm researching p-torsion of abelian varieties in characteristic p.

Contact information

Email: [first name].[last name]

Office: C1.03, Zeeman Building.

Talks given

A unique pair of triangles, postgraduate seminar, University of Warwick, 2020/02/26.

Descent by 3-isogeny on elliptic curves, Young Researchers in Algebraic Number Theory conference, University of Warwick 2019/11/07.

Descent by 3-isogeny on elliptic curves, master's thesis presentation, University of Groningen, 2019/07/11.

Matiyasevich's Theorem: diophantine descriptions of recursively enumerable sets, bachelor's thesis presentation, University of Groningen 2017/07/03.

Conferences attended

Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, 30 June - 4 July 2020.

ICERM Workshop on Arithmetic Geometry, Providence USA, 1-6 June 2020.

ROW seminar, University of Oxford, 28 January 2020.

Young Researchers in Algebraic Number Theory conference, University of Warwick, 8-11 November 2019.

CMI-HIMR Summer School in Computational Number Theory, University of Bristol, 17-28 June 2019.

Reading groups

Mukai's classification of Fano 3-folds, 2021

Modular forms, 2021

Class field theory, 2020

Algebraic groups, 2020

Derived category, 2020

Perfectoid spaces, 2020

Lazarsfeld's Positivity in Algebraic Geometry, 2020

Tao's algebraic regularity lemma, 2020

Hodge-Tate representations, 2019

Heights, 2018-2019

Publications and preprints

Doubly isogenous genus-2 curves with D4-action, joint with Vishal Arul, Jeremy Booher, Everett W. Howe, Wanlin Li, Vlad Matei, Rachel Pries and Caleb Sringer, February 2021, (under review).

A parametrized set of explicit elements of $\Sha(E/\mathbb{Q})[3]$, joint with Jaap Top, November 2020, (under review).