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Dr Guhanvenkat Harikumar


Guhanvenkat Harikumar

Research Associate
Office: C2.08
Phone: +44 (0)24 761 50774
Email: g.harikumar AT

Research Interests

I am a Research Associate (aka Post-Doc) based at UCL London and University of Warwick working with Sarah Zerbes (UCL) and David Loeffler (Warwick) and that entitles me to be a member of the Number Theory Group @ Warwick. My research interests are broadly on special values of L-functions, p-adic families of modular forms and p-adic L-functions, Iwasawa theory and Euler systems.

Teaching Responsibilities 2016/17:
Term 1: MA4H9 Modular Forms

Mathscinet (Warwick Access)