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Professor Ian Melbourne


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Professor Ian Melbourne

Professor of Mathematics

Office: B2.06
Phone: +44 (0)24 76523707
Email: I dot Melbourne at warwick dot ac dot uk

Teaching Responsibilities 2018/19:

Term 1: MA433 Fourier Analysis

Term 2: MA427 Ergodic Theory

Research Interests: Ergodic theory and dynamical systems. Links with stochastic analysis.

ICM Brazil 2018. Satellite Conference: Dynamical systems and related topics. Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, 13 to 17 August 2018.
Organizers: C. Bonatti, L. Diaz, M. Lyubich, I. Melbourne, C. Moreira and M. J. Pacifico.

Workshop at CIRM, Luminy, 2018. Probabilistic Limit Theorems for Dynamical Systems (Théorèmes limites probabilistes pour les systèmes dynamiques):. Marseille, France, 29 October to 2 November 2018.
Organizers: I. Melbourne, F. Pène and D. Volny.

Full list of publications (with downloadable links)

Selected recent publications:

D. Kelly and I. Melbourne. Smooth approximation of stochastic differential equations. Annals of Probability 44 (2016) 479-520.

G. A. Gottwald and I. Melbourne. A Huygens principle for diffusion and anomalous diffusion in spatially extended systems.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110 (2013) 8411-8416.

I. Melbourne and D. Terhesiu. Operator renewal theory and mixing rates for dynamical systems with infinite measure.  Inventiones Mathematicae 189 (2012) 61-110.

I. Melbourne and M. Nicol. A vector-valued almost sure invariance principle for hyperbolic dynamical systems. Annals of Probability 37 (2009) 478-505.

I. Melbourne. Decay of correlations for slowly mixing flows. Proc. London Math. Soc. 98 (2009) 163-190.

M. Field, I. Melbourne and A. Török. Stability of mixing and rapid mixing for hyperbolic flows. Annals of Math. 166 (2007) 269-291.

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