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Warwick OpenFOAM users group


  • stay tuned for upcoming events in 2017


OpenFOAM is an open-source software package (released under the GPL license) for solving systems of Partial Differential Equations (PDE) in complex geometries. Although mainly used for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), OpenFOAM is also used for the solution of many other problems (e.g., continuum mechanics, molecular dynamics, DSMC). Besides the official version released by the OpenFOAM foundation, many unofficial forks and extensions (which add additional functionality) are available online.

WOUG is open to staff and postgraduate students, and aims to gather researchers to

  • discuss features, new releases and possible applications;
  • share experiences and simulation tips & tricks;
  • organise and advertise events related to OpenFOAM and CFD in general;
  • setup collaborative developments;
  • help new OpenFOAM users (staff and students).

Organising team:

Matteo Icardi (Mathematics), Alexander Patronis (Mathematics/Engineering), Michael Auinger (WMG)

Past events:

  • OpenFOAM coding days (in the context of the PDESOFT conference) to be held at Warwick on 7-8 July 2016.
  • We have launched a new forum and GIT repository. See links below.
  • The kick-off meeting took place on December 17th 2015 at the Zeeman building. Participants from Maths, Engineering, WMG and Physics were present.

How to join the group:

Just fill this online form to be added to the group. We also have a mailing list for announcements.

To communicate with all the members of the group you can send an email to warwick-openfoam at listserv dot csv dot warwick dot ac dot uk

GIT repository


OpenFOAM license information:

Take some time to read what you can (and cannot) do under the OpenFOAM GPL license and how to contribute.