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Francesca Iezzi

Francesca IezziFrancesca became an Early Career Teaching Fellow at IATL and IAS (Institute of Advanced Study) after completing her Ph.D in Mathematics at Warwick under the supervision of Prof Brian H. Bowditch. She then took up the post of Mathematics Engagement Officer at The University of Edinburgh at the end of her fellowship in March 2017.

Francesca's CV.

As an IATL fellow

As a fellow in IATL Francesca worked on a project concerning the research-teaching nexus. In particular, she investigated examples of research-led teaching at Warwick, across different departments.

She also organised the workshop "A New World... Out of Nothing", held in November 2016 at Warwick.

In Mathematics

Francesca's mathematical research is in Geometric Topology. At the point of leaving IATL, she was working on questions concerning the study of surface mapping class groups and outer automorphism groups of free groups, and was a member of the EPSRC Early Career Forum in Mathematical Sciences.

Publications and Preprints

A New World... Out of Nothing: a review of an interdisciplinary event, in preparation

Approaches to research-led teaching at the University of Warwick, in preparation

With Brian. H. Bowditch, Projections of the sphere graph to the arc graph of a surface, to appear in Journal of Topology and Analysis

Sphere systems, standard form, and cores of products of trees, preprint

Ph.D Thesis

Sphere systems in 3-manifolds and arc graphs