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Marco Linton


Email: marco.linton"at"

Office: Zeeman Building, MS B0.13

About me:

I am a second year PhD student in geometric group theory under the supervision of Dr. Saul Schleimer. Before coming to Warwick I was at Imperial College London for my masters and at the University of York for my Bachelors. For my dissertation at York I worked on a proof of the van Kampen theorem using covering spaces, while at Imperial I worked on generalising some Dehn filling results in torsion free relatively hyperbolic groups to relatively hyperbolic groups possibly with torsion.

Research interests:

My general research revolves around one-relator groups, relatively hyperbolic groups and related computational problems. More specifically I have been thinking about HNN-splittings in one-relator groups, 3-manifold one-relator groups, efficiency of the word problem in one-relator groups and graphs of free groups and compression techniques in computational infinite group theory.


I am putting together a database of one-relator groups. Info and a downloadable copy can be found in the tab `A Database of One-relator Groups' above.