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Jone Lopez de Gamiz

Jone Lopez de Gamiz

About me

I am a first year PhD student, supervised by Prof. Karen Vogtmann.

I completed my BSc degree at the University of the Basque Country, where I wrote my Final Degree Dissertation about Stallings' foldings under the supervision of Dr. Montserrat Casals Ruiz and Prof. Javier Gutiérrez García.

After that, I did Part III at the University of Cambridge. There, I wrote an essay about Hyperbolic groups supervised by Dr. Henry Wilton.

Research interest

At the moment I am working on right-angled Artin groups. More generally, my research interests lie in Geometric Group Theory, Topology and Group Theory.

Therefore, this first year, I have attended these modules: MA4H8 Ring Theory, MA4E0 Lie Groups, MA4H4 Geometric Group Theory, MA4J7 Cohomology and Poincaré Duality, Course on Outer space and Automorphisms of free groups, MA448 Hyperbolic Geometry. Moreover, I also join seminars that are part of the Junior Geometry and Topology (GATEWAY) and Geometry and Topology seminars. Finally, I am participating in the Geometry and Topology reading seminar, where we are reading Geometry of the mapping class groups I: Boundary amenability, and in the Ergodic Theory reading seminar, where we are reading The Ergodic Theory of Discrete Groups.

Links to my work

Bachelor Final Dissertation (University of the Basque Country, 2017): Finite graphs, free groups and Stallings' foldings.

Essay (University of Cambridge, 2018): Hyperbolic groups.

Talks and conferences

The conferences that I have attended and the talks that I have given are listed in my CV, together with other information about me.


You can get in contact with me via Jone dot Lopez-De-Gamiz at warwick dot ac dot uk.

My office in the Warwick Mathematics Institute is B2.01.