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Muhammad Manji

Research: I am a third year PhD student supervised by David Loeffler. I am interested in a range of topics in algebraic number theory. My research focuses on Iwasawa theory, Euler systems, automorphic forms and Shimura varieties. Most of my current work is focused on the case of the general unitary group GU(2,1).

Euler Systems and Selmer Bounds for GU(2,1)Link opens in a new window - August 2022

Teaching 20/21: Last year I was a teaching assistant for MA3G6 Commutative Algebra and MA426 Elliptic Curves.

Teaching 21/22: This year I am a teaching assistant for MA3G6 Commutative Algebra in term 1. Term 2 MA3D5 Galois Theory.

Conferences Attended:
Arizona Winter School 2022 - Automorphic forms beyond GL_2, March 2022
British Maths Colloquium, King's College London, June 2022
Galois Representations, Automorphic Forms and L-Functions - CIRM Luminy, June 2022
ICM Sectional Workshop - ETH Zürich, July 2022
School on Arithmetic Geometry - Essen, September 2022
Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms in Arithmetic Geometry - Milan, September 2022
London-Paris Number Theory Seminar - Paris, November 2022
Number Theory meets p-adic Representation Theory - Münster, Feb 2023
Shimura Varieties and L-functions - MSRI Berkeley, March 2023

Ordinary and Non-ordinary Conjectures in Iwasawa Theory, University of Santiago, Chile, March 2023

Education: I completed a BA with MMath at the University of Cambridge. My fourth year dissertation was titled 'The Grunwald-Wang Theorem'