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The assessment for this course consists of one assignment, with three or four equally weighted questions, having two deadlines. I encourage all students to participate, even if you're not taking the module for credit.

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The exercises will walk you through a proof of what, hopefully, will be an interesting new theorem. As such they will be fairly hard. But, full marks will be awarded for following a plausible strategy to its logical conclusion, even if it doesn't succeed. As far as I know this module is pass/fail with a pass mark of 50%, and no formal record of your mark.

Additionally there will be a check-in deadline, where students submit partial answers and receive 25% of the mark for showing plausible strategies for at least two questions. I'll give you feedback on your answers, and you can give me feedback on the questions in case anything needs to be renegotiated.

After the check-in, there will be a lecture to discuss the different strategies attempted by the students, led where possible by students (technology permitting) and with opportunities to discuss your questions about the assignment.

The final deadline will contribute the remaining 75% of the mark for the assignment. Students are welcome to collaborate on strategies and ideas, and should write up their answers independently. (If you are certain that you are not going to take the module for credit, then you can write up your answers as a group.)