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Thanks to Sam Chow and Julia Brandes for suggestions.

Quick Introductions/Key Ideas
  • Browning, T., Le Boudec, P., and Sawin, W. (2023) 'The Hasse Principle for Random Fano Hypersurfaces', Ann. of Math., 197(3), pp. 1115-1203. (See section 3.1 up to the end of Lemma 3.3, and also section 3.2)
  • Heath-Brown, D.R. (2002) 'The Density of Rational Points on Curves and Surfaces', Annals of Mathematics, Second Series, 155(2), pp. 553-598. (See section 2, up to the end of the proof of Lemma 1)

I have only ever used the last three, so I can't vouch for the first ones!

Works we might discuss
  • Banaszczyk, W. (1993) 'New bounds in some transference theorems in the geometry of numbers', Mathematische Annalen, 296, pp. 625-635.
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Some other perspectives
  • The classical perspective
    • Davenport, H. (1947) 'The Geometry of Numbers', The Mathematical Gazette, 31(296), pp. 206-210.
    • Mulholland, H.P. (1960) 'On the Product of n Complex Homogeneous Linear Forms', Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 35, pp. 241-250.
    • Rogers, C.A. (1950) 'The Product of n Real Homogeneous Linear Forms', Acta Mathematica, 82(1), pp. 185-208.
  • Quantitative results about number fields
  • From the work of Bhargava
    • Bhargava, M. (2005) 'The Density of Discriminants of Quartic Rings and Fields', Annals of Mathematics, 162, pp. 1031-1063.
    • Bhargava, M. (2010) 'The Density of Discriminants of Quintic Rings and Fields', Annals of Mathematics, 172, pp. 1559-1591.
  • The parametric geometry of numbers
  • Miscellaneous