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Lisbon conference on geometry

** Please click here for the maintained web page, with details of registration etc. **

7-11 July 2014

Organisers (Scientific):

Gerhard Huisken (Tuebingen)
Andre Neves (Imperial)
Peter Topping (Warwick)


Ben Andrews (Canberra)
Jeff Cheeger (Courant)
Fernando Coda Marques (Princeton)
Toby Colding (MIT)
Tom Ilmanen (ETH-Zuerich)
Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)
Bruce Kleiner (Courant)
Claude LeBrun (Stony Brook)
Bill Minicozzi (MIT)
Aaron Naber (Northwestern)
Alex Nabutovsky (Toronto)
Nikolai Nadirashvili (Marseille)
Tristan Riviere (ETH-Zuerich)
Antonio Ros (Granada)
Melanie Rupflin (Leipzig)
Rick Schoen (Stanford)
Gang Tian (Princeton, Beijing)
Brian White (Stanford)
Neshan Wickramasekera (Cambridge)
Burkhard Wilking (Muenster)
Xin Zhou (MIT)

Local organisers:

Miguel Abreu
José Mourão
João Pimentel Nunes
Rosa Sena-Dias

For enquiries about local matters, hotels, travel, schedule etc. please contact the local organisers.

Details for regular participants will follow soon. It not expected that there will be any funding available.