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Professor Colin Rourke





University of Warwick
Tel: 024 7652 3567

Research Interests

I'm a topologist, in other words I am interested in fundamental properties of spaces, though recently my interests have spread to include group theory and singularity theory.


I've been a member of the Mathematics Institute of the University of Warwick since 1968. Before that I was at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study and Queen Mary College, London. I've also worked at Madison, Wisconsin and, for several years, at the Open University, where I helped rewrite the mathematics course.<br> A good deal of my work has been in collaboration with Brian Sanderson who has been at Warwick since its foundation in 1966 which is when we started collaborating. I've also collaborated a good deal with Roger Fenn and the three of us have an longstanding project to understand knots and links in codimension 2 using racks.<br>My students include David Stone, who is now at Brooklyn College, New York; Sandro Buoncristiano who is now at Rome; Jenny Harrison now at Berkeley, California; Hamish Short who is at Marseille, France; Daryl Cooper at Santa Barbara, California; Gena Cesar de Sa and Eduardo Rego both at Oporto, Portugal; Sofia Lambropoulou at Athens, Greece; and Bert Wiest at Rennes, France. <br>I am a founding editor of Geometry and Topology and Algebraic and Geometric Topology (the other founding editors for GT being John Jones, Rob Kirby and Brian Sanderson and for AGT, Joan Birman and Haynes Miller as well). These journals are produced entirely by the topological community. Both publish electronically with a paper copy produced at the end of each year. Rob Kirby's letter on mathematics journal pricing is well worth reading in this context.

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