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Dr Hugo van den Berg



Associate Professor (Reader)


University of Warwick
Tel: 024 7652 3698

Research Interests

Current Research - Immunology
Dynamics and efficacy of the cellular immune system. Present research is aimed at elucidating the relationships between immune response efficacy and the statistical distributions of T cell specificities among the naive repertoire and among T cell populations which respond to given antigenic challenges. At the heart of the theory is a model of T cell receptor triggering kinetics, which relates T cell specificity to the distribution of antigenic peptide-presenting MHC molecules on the conjugate cell. This kinetic model allows us to describe how measures for T cell specificity functionally depend upon MHC-presentation levels. An example of such a specificity measure is the fraction of naive T cell clonotypes that will respond to a given antigen; another example is the rate at which cytolytic effector cells destroy target cells. Such specificity measures (as well as their distributions) underly the dynamics of T cell activation and of the ensuing effector response, which in turn determine response efficacy. The ultimate goal of this programme is to link immune efficacy in a quantitative manner MHC/antigen presentation levels on antigen-presenting cells.

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