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Prof Matt Keeling





University of Warwick
Tel: 76524618
WebLink: WIDER

Research Interests

I am a professor in the Mathematics Institute and the School of Life Sciences.

My interests span epidemiology, ecology and evolution. I focus on the roles of spatial interactions and stochasticity (randomness), and how these can affect the dynamics, control and persistence of biological organisms.

More specifically, I have recently studied a range of applied epidemic problems, from the optimal vaccination of individuals during a pandemic influenza outbreak to the prediction and control of foot-and-mouth disease in Britain and the USA. I am particularly interested in the development of new models and techniques that will provide greater insights into population dynamics. Much of this new methodology centers around "pair-wise" approximation models for network-based processes, or moment-closure methods for stochastic processes.

  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Infectious disease epidemiology of livestock
  • Infectious disease epidemiology of humans
  • Population Ecology

Most of my recent publications can be viewed here through PubMed.

Research Themes: Food Security; Infection Biology

Research Projects

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • Mathematical Models of Infectious Diseases in Wildlife
  • Models of spatial disease spread.
  • Bayesian Models of disease spread
  • The effects of network structure on the spread of STDs. Date of Completion:2003
  • Cattle movement database and the modelling of bovine TB Date of Completion:2008
  • Seasonal birth pulses in wildlife diseases Date of Completion:2006

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