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Avishkar Rajeshirke

I am a postgraduate student at the Warwick Mathematics Institute pursuing an MSc in Mathematics. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with minors in Statistics & Economics awarded by the University of Mumbai, India.

Algebraic Geometry, Topological Methods in Algebraic Geometry, Topological Combinatorics and Category Theory

Under the supervision of Prof. Keith Ball, for my MSc dissertation, I am studying various results on the Tverberg Theorem along with its variants and its explanation using results from Discrete Geometry, Algebraic Topology with a special emphasis on Obstruction Theory.

Coursework at Warwick (2018-2019):
Term 1
Algebraic Geometry
Differential Geometry
Lie Groups
Ring Theory

Term 2
Riemann Surfaces
Cohomology & Poincaré Duality
Algebraic Curves