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Avishkar Rajeshirke

I am a postgraduate student at the Warwick Mathematics Institute pursuing an MSc in Mathematics. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with minors in Statistics & Economics awarded by the University of Mumbai, India.

Algebraic Topology, Algebraic Geometry, Topological Combinatorics and Category Theory

Under the supervision of Prof. Keith Ball, for my MSc dissertation, I am studying various results on the Tverberg Theorem along with its variants and its explanation using results from Discrete Geometry, Algebraic Topology with a special emphasis on Obstruction Theory.

Coursework at Warwick (2018-2019):
Term 1
Algebraic Geometry
Differential Geometry
Lie Groups
Ring Theory

Term 2
Riemann Surfaces
Cohomology & Poincaré Duality
Algebraic Curves