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Space-time Phases Satellite

A satellite conference of the European Conference on complex systems ECCS12, 3-7 Sept 2012, Brussels

Date: Thursday 6 Sept 2012

Organisers: R.S.MacKay (Warwick), C.Maes (Leuven)

Space-time phases are the probability distributions over space and time for the behaviour of a complex dynamical system that has been running since the infinite past.

Themes: uniqueness or not, spatiotemporal correlations, bifurcations, control, and hierarchical analysis

Invited speakers: A.van Enter (Groningen), J-M.Gambaudo (Nice), G.Giacomin (Paris), P.Slowinski (Warwick), M.Bujorianu* (Warwick), F.Redig (Delft)

Contributed talks: P.Gmeiner (Erlangen), B.Fernandez (Marseille), de Maere & Ponselet (Louvain), J.Bricmont (Louvain), C.Maes (Leuven)

Contributed posters: M.Raskin (Moscow) & A.Toom (Pernambuca)

* to be confirmed

Second round of submissions of titles and abstracts for contributed talks and posters were invited online by 30 May (first round deadline was 30 March, extended to 18 April, and decisions were taken on 6 May), with decisions by 15 June.

Note: all participants at the satellite are expected to register for ECCS12