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Simon Gabriel

I am a second-year student in the CDT in Mathematics under supervision of Nikos Zygouras and Paul Chleboun. My broad interest lies in the field of Markov processes and stochastic partial differential equations. I got both my BSc and MSc in Maths from Technical University of Munich.

Publications and preprints
  • Poisson-Dirichlet asymptotics in condensing particle systems (with Paul Chleboun and Stefan Grosskinsky). 2021. [arXiv]

  • Central limit theorems for the (2+1)-dimensional directed polymer in the weak disorder limit. 2021. [arXiv]

You can also find the recording of a short talk I gave on how the Poisson-Dirichlet distribution emerges from interacting particle systems.


teaching at Warwick

  • Winter '21: TA for "Stochastic Analysis" (MA482)
  • Fall '20: TA for "Mathematical Analysis III" (MA258)
  • Winter '20: TA for "Probability Theory" (MA318)

teaching at TUM

  • Summer '19: TA for "Probability Theory" (MA2409)
  • Winter '18: grader for "Introduction to Probability Theory" (MA1401)

If you are not having the greenest thumb or just happen to forget watering your plants regularly, I can recommend building an automated watering system. You can find an amateur setup/instruction for building one (including web interface, if wished) in one of my GitHub repositories.

Together with Arjun Sobnack, I was co-organiser of the postgraduate seminar in 20/21. If you would like to give a talk, please send an email to the current organisers.

Email: Simon dot Gabriel at warwick dot ac dot uk

GitHub - LinkedIn