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Large deviations and statistical mechanics

This is a Taught Course Centre module.

Lectures: Tuesday, 9-11 am (in room B0.06)

First lecture: Tuesday 16th October. Note: extra lecture Friday 19th October 12-14 h.

Content: Large deviations; Gibbs measure (statistical mechanics); mathematics of phase transitions

Lecture 1: Introduction and Cramer's theorem

Lecture 2: Cramer's theorem and Sanov's theorem

Material (Lecture Notes):

(1) Lecture notes Mathematical Statistical Mechanics, CDIAS Series A, No. 30, 2006 (pdf)

(2) Lecture 'Large deviations for stochastic processes' (pdf)


Chapter 1 (pdf)

Chapter 2.1 (pdf)

Chapter 2.2 (pdf)

Chapter 2.3 (pdf)

Chapter 3.1 (pdf)

Chapter 3.2 (pdf)

Chapter 3.3 (pdf)

Chapter 4 (pdf)

Chapter 5 (pdf)


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