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Phoebe Valentine

Hi! I am a 1st year PhD student interested in geometric measure theory under the supervision of Dr David Bate.

Research Interests

Rectifiability & tangents, metric currents, geometric measure theory.


I completed a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Sussex in 2022 followed by an MSc in Mathematics at the University of Warwick in 2023. My BSc project was titled "The Isoperimetric Inequality" and was supervised by Dr Filippo Cagnetti and my MSc dissertation "Characterizing 1-rectifiability via connected tangents" was supervised by Dr David Bate.

Characterising 1-rectifiability via connected tangents Junior Analysis & Probability Seminar University of Warwick October 2023
When is a line not a line? A tale of interdimensional trickery Women in Mathematics event University of Warwick May 2023
Engineering Maths A Workshop Tutor University of Sussex 2021/2022