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Arnaud Vilpert

Born in Geneva, I grew up in a small French village next to the Swiss border (I am binational). I obtained my Master's degree from the Chair of Algebraic Geometry at EPFL under the supervision of Javier Carvajal-Rojas. Before this, I got my Bachelor's degree at EPFL. I am currently a first year Ph.D. student at the University of Warwick interested in algebraic geometry.

Le Mont Blanc. Highest summit in Europe, located in my department: la Haute-Savoie.

Le Mont Blanc. Prior to coming to England, I used to trail run in Haute-Savoie and enjoy this kind of stunning panoramas!

Contact: arnaud (dot) vilpert (at)



  • An algorithm relying on Gröbner bases to compute the Galois group of irreducible rational polynomials, Bachelor project, supervised by Friedrich Eisenbrand.
  • Singularities of determinantal pairs, Master thesis, supervised by Javier Carvajal-Rojas.

Conference attended

And also

I play chess quite often with the following openings:

  • King's Gambit with white pieces (please do not try this at home!)
  • King's Indian Defence with black pieces.

My Erdős number is at most five as proved below:

  1. Paul Erdős coauthored with Péter Pál Pálfy in MR0954338 .
  2. Péter Pál Pálfy coauthored with Sándor Kovács in MR1045664.
  3. Sándor Kovács coauthored with Karl Schwede in MR3531359.
  4. Karl Schwede coauthored with Javier Carvajal-Rojas in MR3861567.
  5. See above.