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Alexander Wendland


I am a 4th year PhD student currently studying with my supervisor Agelos Georgakopoulos. I also enjoy topics from Graph theory, Group theory, Geometric group Theory and other subjects that begin with G!

You can find me in the PhD office B2.01, or get in contact with me via A.P.Wendand (at)

I have various resources from my undergraduate studies in my drop box and some other files associated with my teaching which can be found here.

Please find my CV here.


K. Latuszynski, G. Morina, and A. Wendland. From the Bernoulli Factory to a Dice Enterprise via Perfect Sampling of Markov Chains. To be posted (avalible on request).

D. Rumynin and A. Wendland. 2-Groups, 2-Characters and Burnside Rings. Advances in Mathematics, 338: 196-236, 2018.

A. Wendland. Coloring of Plane Graphs with Unique Maximal Colors on Faces. J. Graph Theory, 83(4):359–371, 2016.