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Matthew Paul Westaway

I am a 3rd year PhD student under the supervision of Dmitriy Rumynin and Inna Capdebosq, studying the representation theory of algebraic groups and Lie algebras. I previously completed my MMath degree at the University of Warwick.


Recent papers:

  • M. Westaway, K_2 of Kac-Moody Groups, Journal of Algebra, Volume 484 (2017), 1--22.
  • D. Rumynin, M. Westaway, Integration of modules I: stability, preprint, arXiv:1708.06620.
  • D. Rumynin, M. Westaway, Integration of modules II: exponentials, preprint, arXiv:1807:08698
  • D. Rumynin, D. Vakrameev, M. Westaway, Covering groups of nonconnected topological groups and 2-groups, preprint, arXiv:1709.09728.
  • M. Westaway, Higher deformations of Lie algebra representations I, preprint, arXiv:1807.00660.