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Schedule August 05

Workshop on Transcendental Dynamics, 22-26 August 2005

The general theme of this meeting is transcendental dynamics, and an exploration
of two very different ways to go beyond finite type entire maps - infinite type entire
maps on the one hand, finite type maps with arbitrary domain on the other. The
main part of this meeting consist of a number of mini-courses consisting each of
3 lectures, and which were aimed at introducing PhD students into active research

The topics of the mini-courses were primarily on transcendental dynamics:

• Dynamics of Finite Type Maps, Epstein (Warwick)

• Dynamics of Ahlfors Maps, Oudkerk (Manchester)

• Escaping points of bounded type entire functions, Rempe (Warwick), Ruckert (Bremen) and Schleicher (Bremen)

• Escaping points of meromorphic functions, Rippon (Open Univ)

• Density of hyperbolicity in dimension one, van Strien (Warwick)

In addition there are talks by: Pollicott (Warwick), Kesseboehmer (Bremen),Ruckert (Bremen), Wendt (Bremen), Badenska (Warsaw), Clifford (Nottingham).