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Complex Systems Dynamics

A London Mathematical Society Scheme 3 network CoSyDy to bring together UK mathematicians investigating Complex Systems Dynamics, funded from 29 Jan 2010. Coordinator: Robert MacKay (Warwick). Seconders: Henrik Jensen (Imperial), David Broomhead (Manchester). Chair: Mauro Mobilia (Leeds). Principal nodes: Warwick, Imperial, Manchester, Leeds, Bath, Queen Mary.

1 Feb 2010: Mathematics of Evolutionary Dynamics (Warwick), organisers: M.Mobilia (Leeds), RS MacKay (Warwick)

10 Mar 2010: Network Dynamics (Manchester), organiser: D. Broomhead

21 May 2010: Interacting Particle Systems (Imperial), organiser: G.Pruessner

15 Nov 2010: Movement in models of mathematical biology (Warwick), organisers: M. Mobilia (Leeds), C. Connaughton (Warwick)

14 Feb 2011: Social Networks (Manchester)

15 Apr 2011: Complexity in the Real World (Bath), organiser: Chris Budd

27 May 2011: Long-range correlations in space and time (QMUL), organisers: Hugo Touchette and Rosemary Harris

6 Feb 2012: Control of complex systems (Warwick), organisers: MacKay, Tildesley

2 Mar 2012: Evolution and diversity in complex systems (Leeds), organiser: Mobilia

11 May 2012: Synchronisation phenomena in complex systems (Imperial), organisers: Pruessner, Harris (QMUL)

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