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Wednesday session

Morning session Chair: Elisabetta Candellero

Afternoon session Chair: Bruno Nachtergaele

Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:45 Jonathan Warren  A stochastic solution to the two dimensional Toda equations.
9:45-10:30 David Aldous Waves in a Spatial Queue: Stop-and-Go at Airport Security
10:30-11:00 COFFEE BREAK
11:00-11:45 Mihail Poplavskyi  On the asymptotic behaviour of the pure complex spectrum probability for the real Ginibre ensemble
11:45-12:30 Amanda Young Applications of a Modified Martingale Method for Estimating Spectral Gaps
12:30-14:00 LUNCH BREAK
14:00-14:45 Max Fathi  A transport-information inequality for Markov chains on discrete spaces.
14:45-15:30 Michael Bishop  Gap Dependency on Half Spaces in the Product Vacua and Boundary State

15:30-16:00 TEA BREAK
16:00-16:45 Yumeng Zhang  Counting solutions of random regular NAESAT beyond condensation threshold
16:45-17:30 Fraydoun Rezakhanlou Generalized Smoluchowski Equations and Scalar Conservation Laws