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Yacine Barhoumi

Title: On the splitting phenomenon in the Sathe-Selberg theorem: universality of the Gamma factor

Abstract: We consider several classes of sequences of random variables whose Laplace transform presents the same type of splitting phenomenon when suitably rescaled. Answering a question of Kowalski-Nikeghbali, we explain the apparition of a universal term, the Gamma factor, by a common feature of each model, the existence of an auxiliary randomisation that reveals an independence structure.
The class of examples that belong to this framework includes random uniform permutations, random polynomials or random matrices with values in a finite field and the classical Sathe-Selberg theorems in probabilistic number theory. We moreover speculate on potential similarities in the Gaussian setting of the celebrated Keating and Snaith's moments conjecture. (Joint work with R. Chhaibi)