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OpenFOAM coding days


Matteo Icardi (Warwick)
Warwick OpenFOAM Users Group

This is part of the PDESOFT 2016 conference

OpenFOAM coding days will be held after the conference on July 7-8 2016.

Separate registration link for OPENFOAM CODING DAYS


The objective is to gather developers to discuss on common interests related to OpenFOAM and to join forces for collaborative development of research codes to extend OpenFOAM functionalities and address new mathematical, physical, and engineering needs. Depending on the final number and experience of participants, more than a topic could be addressed by separate groups. A list of preliminary possible topics are listed below and will be selected based on the interests of participants.

Possible topics:

  • Half-day tutorial to introduce the coding days
  • Population balance models and OpenQBMM
  • Adaptive Mesh Refinement and a-posteriori error estimation
  • Improved Lagrangian particle tracking and generalized Langevin dynamics
  • Optimised Stokes solver for creeping flows
  • Improved interphase tracking for capillary dominated flows
  • Python/Julia seamless integration for automatised tasks and supercomputing environments (e.g., free from input/output files)
  • ...

How to join:

Register through the link above and contact us if you would like to propose a new topic. If you are interested in joining only for the coding days (and not for the conference) we might be able to offer free or discounted registration. Please contact us for more information.

For information about OpenFOAM, please refer to the official website of the OpenFOAM foundation