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How do I get to the University of Warwick? The University of Warwick is in Coventry, not Warwick. You can take a train to Coventry and then the number 11 or 12X bus (exact fare only) or U17 (Sundays) or a taxi to the University of Warwick, which is not the same as Coventry University (sorry!). Here is a Central Campus map indicating main relevant locations (not quite up to date: there are more building works behind the Zeeman building! Also North is to the right).

How do I get my accommodation? Most of you are in student rooms. Go to the Students Union, near the bus interchange on campus, and find Conference Reception there to get your keys (check-in is from 15.00-22.45; check-out is 07.00-09.30). If you are in a Maths Research House, Yvonne will have sent you instructions.

Where can I eat if I arrive on Sunday? Here is a list of possibilities.

Where will the event happen? In the Zeeman building, which houses the departments of Mathematics and Statistics and also our Centre for Complexity Science. Pick up your registration pack from the Maths Research Centre (MRC) office, B1.37, on Monday from 08.30 onwards. Collect a mug from the Maths Common room opposite, and make your way down to The Street, where there will be refreshments from 09.30 (hopefully 09.15). Most of the first day will happen in MS.02. We will begin with a welcome introduction around 10.15, and presentations of the problems starting around 10.30.

Where will the problem workrooms be? All in the Zeeman building: MS.03, MS.04, MS.05, A1.01, B1.01, B3.02, B3.03. The allocation of room to problem will be made shortly. In addition we have two smaller rooms available for small discussions, B3.01 and B1.12. We also have D1.07 but there is noisy building work just outside the windows, so it may not be suitable. Room plan here.

Where will lunch and dinner be? Lunches Mon-Fri 12.30-13.30 and dinners Mon, Tue and Thu 18.30, will be served in the Street and the Undergraduate workroom. Room plan here. Monday dinner will be preceded by a drinks reception at 18.00. On Wednesday evening, we'll have a banquet in the Chancellor's Suite, upstairs in the Rootes building, at 19.00. Registered participants will receive a voucher for this. If you don't want to attend, please return your voucher to the MRC office or pass it on to someone who didn't register but wants to go. The banquet is for precisely 83 people.

When will refreshments be? From 10.30-11.00 (plus a bit before and after) (except 09.30-10.15 on Monday), and 15.30-16.00 (plus a bit before and after) (except 15.00-15.30 on Friday), in the Street.

How can I get a wifi code? We expect you to use eduroam and so you won't need a wifi code. Make sure to set up your laptop with eduroam at your home institution before coming here. If you can't use eduroam but have a 3G mobile phone, you can use Warwick Guest. Upon arrival at Warwick - Go to mobile network >>‘Warwick Guest’ >> ‘create a new account’ >> ‘Attending a Conference’ for ‘self serving’ wifi.

How can I print? All printers are behind doors that need a University of Warwick ID card. There are two options: email your document to with a request to print and then collect it later from the MRC office. Or find a Warwick helper (identified by a tee-shirt), give them your document via email or USB stick and ask nicely, they can probably print it for you.

Where can I leave bags if I arrive before check-in or wish to stay after check-out? Best to ask the MRC office to look after them for you, but they have a limited space, so will ask you to leave non-valuable baggage in the Maths Common room.

Where can I park my car? If you are staying in campus accommodation you can use this weblink to register for a car parking permit to print and display in your car for complimentary parking in any central campus non barriered car park (respecting the restrictions on disabled, car-share, electric vehicle charging points etc). If you are just a day-visitor, then here is the answer including a car parking map. CP15 is the closest to the Zeeman building. They have a new reservation system for visitors on the top floor of CP15 starting 4 September. If you let me ( know your name and car registration number in advance I can reserve you a space. I will arrange for the parking attendant to give you a Flexipay scratch card on arrival, which you should scratch to indicate the date and display on your dashboard. Else you can park in any of those marked G in the car parking map but will need to purchase a pay & display ticket when you arrive (coins only).

How can we prepare collaborative reports? There are several options including HackMD (markdown with latex support, see quick guide here), Overleaf (simple online latex editor), and CoCalc (formerly SageCloud; a full virtual machine that includes the possibility of running scripts, code (e.g. octave, python, etc.); can be useful for reproducibility of results; also has a visual collaborative latex editor and possibility of remote ssh access).