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Registration is now open here. Please complete this even if you have already submitted an expression of interest form. Registration will close on 17 August! (temporarily reopened until 15.00 on 25 August)

Please enter your area of Research Expertise in the Accommodation requirements box.

PhD Students are also required to provide supervisor's name and e-mail, also in Accommodation requirements.

(The registration form has a standard format used for all Mathematics Research Centre events; to fit with the needs of ESGI, we have to use this somewhat inelegant fix!)

Here is relevant information to help you complete the registration form:

The European Study Groups with Industry 130 will take place at the University of Warwick from 4 to 8 September 2017.

It is expected to start at 10.15 (with registration from 08.30) on Mon 4 Sept and end by 15.30 on Fri 8 Sept.

Participants may arrive in the afternoon of Sun 3 Sept (though you will need to find your own evening meal: suggestions will be provided) or in time for the start on the morning of Mon 4 Sept.

We have reserved some accommodation on campus for the nights of Sunday to Thursday. Standard accommodation & food package will be £425 for Monday-Friday, plus £70 for Sunday night if desired.

We can cover the costs of a standard package for a number of academics (including postdocs); early registration is recommended if you want to be considered for this.

We can also provide food for a number of academics living close enough not to want accommodation.

When the accommodation we have reserved is all full, there will be no more on campus. We can try to help you find somewhere off campus, but can make no guarantees. The food-only package will cost about £155.

We can not cover travel expenses for anyone.

For postgraduate students: 1. Check that your supervisor agrees to your participation in the Study Group before registering.

2. Many UK institutions can contribute towards your accommodation & food expenses, so please ask your host institution about that. If your host institution can not pay the full amount, ESGI will endeavour to make up the difference, because we are keen to involve you.

3. Warwick postgraduate students: we will cover your food if you agree to act as a helper.