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MiR@W Day: Recent Developments in the Kinetic Theory of Gases

27 July 2017 (Thursday)

About the workshop:

Kinetic theory of gases is a theory based on a simplified molecular description of a gas, from which many average properties of the gas, such as density, pressure, velocity and temperature, can be derived. The Boltzmann equation describes the evolution of the distribution function in phase space by accounting for the motion and collisions of the particles in the gas. It is an integro-differential equation which requires detailed information of phase space and thus the direct solution of the Boltzmann equation, in many cases, is prohibitively computationally expensive. A variety of macroscopic models can be derived from the Boltzmann equation. The best known among these are the Navier-Stokes-Fourier equations or the Burnett equations, derived by means of the Chapman-Enskog method or the Grad's moment equations, obtained by taking the moments of the Boltzmann equation.

Over the years these concepts of kinetic theory for gases have been extended to different fields, such as phonon transport for investigating heat conduction in non-metallic solids, electron transport in semiconductors and Enskog-Vlasov equation a kinetic equation suited to liquid dynamics and phase transitions. The goal of this workshop to explore recent trends and developments in the kinetic theory of gases and related areas, such as
(a) numerical methods for the Boltzmann equation
(b) approximation methods in kinetic theory
(c) model reduction and coarse-graining approaches in statistical mechanics
(d) dynamics and phase transitions in liquids.

Organisers: James Sprittles, Anirudh Rana

Location: Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick

Room B3.02, 27 July 2017 (Thursday)

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Henning Struchtrup (University of Victoria, Canada),

Prof. Alexander Gorban (University of Leicester, UK),

Dr Lei Wu (University of Strathclyde, UK),

Prof David Emerson (Daresbury Laboratory, UK).

Time table


Welcome coffee




Prof. H Struchtrup

Macroscopic Modelling of Rarefied and Vacuum Gas Flows


Prof. D Lockerby

Fundamental solutions to moment equations: applications in micro-scale gas flows


Prof. A Gorban

Hydrodynamic manifolds for kinetic equations (Joint work with Prof. I. Karlin)


Lunch break


Dr. L Gibelli

Mean field kinetic theory approach to liquid evaporation into near vacuum conditions


Prof D Emerson

Successes Using the Method of Moments for Rarefied Phenomena and its Future Development (Joint work with Prof. Xiao-Jun Gu)


Coffee break


Dr. L Wu

Efficient numerical methods for gas kinetic equations and their applicaitons


Dr. J C Padrino

Modelling thermophoretic force on a sphere: Some results from macroscopic approaches


Dr. M Chubynsky

Modelling gas kinetic effects in droplet collision and impact


Further information to follow.