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Women in Mathematical Sciences

The Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Sciences department are delighted to announce this year's 'Celebrating Women in the Mathematical Sciences' event, which will be held on:

12 May 2022 in MS.01 at 18:00

The event will highlight research in the mathematical sciences conducted at Warwick. We look forward to a wide range of contributions from mathematics, statistics and computer sciences, which will explain their research for a general audience using as few equations as possible.

There will be drinks and nibbles in the Maths Common Room afterwards - all members of staff, as well as Warwick UG and PG students are welcome!

  1. Thejaswini Raghavan Solving Partity Games Faster
  2. Alicia Gill Inferring reproduction number from genomic and epidemiological data
  3. Iman Bilal Tracking&Summarising Opinion on Twitter
  4. Katerina Santicola The cursed problem
  5. Alice Corbella Fusing multiple dependent data to characterize transmission and severity: the 2017/2018 influenza epidemic
  6. Thomasina Ball Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…
  7. Criseida Zamora Virtual presynaptic nerve terminal
  8. Jo Evans Staircases
  9. Zoe Wyatt Fluids in an expanding universe
  10. Francesca Basini Landscape modelling approaches in developmental biology 
  11. Melissa Iacovidou Mathematical models of malaria: the effects of insecticide resistance and the importance of age-dependent mortality
  12. Emily Alger Functional Regression of Dynamic Optoacoustic Tomography Imaging
  13. Daniela Valdes Are videoconsultations sustainable in Physiotherapy?
  14. Alice Hodson A non-virtual exploration of the virtual element method
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Marie-Therese Wolfram, Susana Gomes, Jo Evans, Yulia Timofeeva, Julia Brettschneider

Contact: OR