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Past Symposia


1965/6 Topology
Organiser: E.C. Zeeman
1966/7 Finite Groups
Organisers: J.A. Green & R.W. Carter
1967 Differential Geometry
Organiser: J. Eells
1967/8 Harmonic Analysis
Organiser: H. Reiter
1968/9 Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Organisers: L. Markus & E.C. Zeeman
1969/70 Piecewise Linear Topology
Organisers: C.P. Rourke & B.J. Sanderson
1970/1 Algebraic Geometry
Organiser: D. Mumford
1971/2 Global Analysis
Organiser: J. Eells
1972/3 Group Theory
Organiser: R.W. Carter
1973/4 Applications of Topology and Dynamical Systems
Organiser: E.C. Zeeman
1974/5 Ergodic Theory
Organiser: W. Parry
1975/6 Foliations
Organiser: D.B.A. Epstein
1976/7 Soluble Groups
Organiser: T.O. Hawkes
1976/7 Geometry of the Laplace Operator
Organiser: J. Eells
1977/8 Infinite Groups and Group Rings
Organiser: S.E. Stonehewer
1978/9 Diffeomorphisms and Foliation Theory
Organiser: D.B.A. Epstein
1979/80 Dynamical Systems, Stability and Turbulence
Organiser: D.A. Rand
1980/1 Von Neumann Algebras and Ergodic Theory
Organiser: K. Schmidt
1981/2 Ring Theory
Organiser: C. Hajarnavis
1982/3 Algebraic Geometry
Organiser: M. Reid
1983/4 Hyperbolic Geometry and 3-dimensional Manifolds
Organiser: D.B.A. Epstein
1984/5 Stochastic Differential Equations
Organiser: K.D. Elworthy
1985/6 Homotopy Theory
Organiser: J.D.S. Jones
1985/6 Smooth Ergodic Theory
Organiser: P. Walters
1986/7 Operator Algebras
Organiser: D.E. Evans
1987/8 Structure and Bifurcation of Strange Attractors
Organisers: R.S. MacKay & D.A. Rand
1988/9 Singularity Theory
Organisers: D.M.Q. Mond, J. Montaldi, M. Roberts & I.N. Stewart
1989/90 Partial Differential Equations in Geometry
Organisers: J. Eells & M. Micallef
1990/1 Groups, Rings and Representations
Organiser: R.W. Carter
1991/2 Gauge Theory, Geometry & Topology
Organisers: N. Hitchin, J.D.S. Jones, J. Rawnsley, D. Salamon
1992/3 Analytic and Geometric aspects of Hyperbolic Geometry
Organisers: D.B.A. Epstein, & C. Series
1993/4 The Dynamics of Zn-actions and their connections with Commutative Algebra, Number Theory and Statistical Mechanics
Organisers: W. Parry, K. Schmidt & P. Walters
1994/5 Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics
Organiser: K.D. Elworthy
1995/6 Algebraic Geometry
Organiser: M. Reid
1997/8 Symplectic Geometry
Organisers: J. Rawnsley & D. Salamon
1998/9 Computation and Mathematics
Organiser: A. Newell
1999/00 Geometry and Topology
Organisers: J.D.S. Jones, V Pidstrigatch & C.P. Rourke
2000/01 Stochastic Partial Differential Equations & Related Topics
Organisers: K.D. Elworthy, A. Stuart & R. Tribe
2001/02 Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry
Organiser: M. Roberts
2002/03 Geometric and Probabilistic Aspects of Dynamical Systems
Organisers: Adam Epstein, Omri Sarig, Oleg Kozlovski, Sebastian van Strien & Peter Walters
2003/04 Noncommutative Algebra and Its Applications
Organisers: Charudatta Hajarnavis and Dmitriy Rumynin
2004/05 The Mathematics of Quantum Systems
Organiser Gero Friesecke
2005/06 Turbulence
Organiser: Sergei Nazarenko
2006/07 Low Dimensional Geometry and Topology
Main Organiser: Caroline Series
2007/08 Algebraic geometry
Organisers: Miles Reid and Alessio Corti
2008/09 Challenges in scientific computing
Organiser: Andrew Stuart
2009/10 Warwick EPSRC Symposium: Mathematics of Complexity Science and Systems Biology
Organisers: Robert Mackay and David Wild
2010/11 Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
Organisers: Mark Pollicott and Sebastian van Strien

Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Probability
Organisers:Neil O'Connell, Martin Hairer, Ben Hambly and Jon Warren

2012/13 Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Number Theory
Organisers: Samir Siksek and John Cremona
2013/14 Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Statistical Mechanics / Mathematics of Phase Transitions

Organisers: Roman Kotecky, Stefan Adams, Alan Sokal, Daniel Ueltschi

2014/15 Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Derived Categories and Applications
Organisers: Miles Reid, Timothy Logvinenko, Dmitriy Rumynin, Toby Stafford

Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Fluctuation-driven phenomena and large deviations
Organisers: Colm Connaughton, Stefan Grosskinsky, Eric Vanden-Eijnden, Oleg Zaboronski


Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Partial Differential Equations and their Applications
Organisers: Charlie Elliott, Andreas Dedner, Christoph Ortner, Jose Rodrigo


Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Geometry, Topology and Dynamics in Low Dimensions
Organisers: Brian Bowditch, Chris Leininger, Saul Schleimer, John Smillie and Karen Vogtmann