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Algebraic Geometry

Warwick algebraic geometers cover most of the subject, including: classification of varieties, surfaces and 3-folds, orbifold geometry, singularity theory, connections with number theory, tropical algebraic geometry, moduli spaces, graded rings and construction of varieties, structure of Gorenstein rings in codimension ≥ 4, representation theory, derived categories, K-theory.

Seminar activities are numerous and include a wide range, from informal learning groups to more formal seminars.


Graduate Students:

  • Patience Ablett
  • Jesús David Fernandez Caballero
  • Hamdi Dërvodeli
  • Tommaso Faustini
  • Darragh Glynn
  • Álvaro González Hernández

  • Thomas Holt
  • David Hubbard
  • Peize Liu
  • Shengxuan Liu
  • Dan Marlowe
  • Mayo Mayo Garcia
  • Maryam Nowroozi
  • Sunny Sood
  • Marc Truter