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The Turbulence group at Warwick is very vibrant and it has a first rate international standing. The areas of interest of the turbulence group range from classical Navier-Stokes to astrophysical magneto-fluids and atmospheres to quantum and optical turbulence described by the Nonlinear Schrödinder equation, to the Burgers shock turbulence through to the turbulence of dispersive waves such as the water surface waves and sound. Although dissimilar at first sight, all of these problems share such fundamental properties as the strongly non-equilibrium spectral cascades, intermittency and formation of singularities, which can be attacked by means of the modern methods of the theoretical physics and newly emerging mathematical techniques in PDE's, asymptotical analysis, probability, dynamical systems and numerical simulation.

There is significant interaction with other Departments at Warwick, in particular through the Fluid Dynamics Research Centre, which is a joint venture between Engineering and Mathematics. Study of turbulence often involves extensive numerical modelling for which we use excelent supercomputing facilities offered by the Centre for Scientific Computing. In adition the turbulence group is strongly linked to the other research groups at the Mathematics Institute such as in Computational Mathematics , Pattern Formation, PDE's, Dynamical Systems and Probability.