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WMI Preprints 1970

Wiener integration on certain manifolds,
by J. Eells & K.D. Elworthy

Axiomatic representation theory for finite groups,
by J.A. Green

Generator conditons for Lie algebras,
by I. Stewart

Markov partitions and minimal sets for axiom A diffeomorphisms,
by R. Bowen

Conjugacy classes in the Weyl group,
by R.W. Carter

Necessary conditions for the conjugacy of subshifts of finite type,
by J. Guckenheimer

Some theorems on direct limits of expanding sequences of manifolds,
by V.L. Hansen

On Fitting formations,
by T.O. Hawkes

Simply connected surgery of submanifolds in codimension two,
by M. Kato & Y. Matsumoto

The topological degree of A-proper maps,
by H. Ship-Fah Wong

Notes on Hilbert manifolds: examples of Riemannian symmetric spaces,
by P. de la Harpe

Embeddings, isotopy and stability of Banach manifolds,
by K.D. Elworthy

Classification of simple real L*-algebras,
by P. de la Harpe

Structure theorems for a class of locally finite Lie algebras,
by I. Stewart

Some invariant $\beta$-algebras for measure-preserving transformations,
by P. Walters

Proper homotopies in 12-manifolds,
by R.D. Anderson

Classification of Markov partitions,
by P. Baxendale

The maximal condition for ideals in finitely-generated Lie algebras,
by I. Stewart

Finite groups generated by 3-transpositions,
by B. Fischer

Some manifolds of quasi-nilpotent operators (with "natural" Fredholm structures on them),
by P. de la Harpe

Wiener integration on certain manifolds and On Fredholm manifolds,
by J. Eells & K.D. Elworthy

Basis normalizers and Carter subgroups in a class of locally finite groups,
by C.J. Graddon & B. Hartley

A max-min differential game in Hilbert space,
by R.J. Elliott

A partial review on real division algebras,
by P. de la Harpe

The structure of the moduli spaces of curves and abelian varieties,
by D. Mumford

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