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WMI Preprints 1972

Cauchy problems for certain Isaacs-Bellman equations and games of survival,
by R.J. Elliott & N.J. Kalton

Relative module categories for finite groups,
by J.A. Green

Classical Banach-Lie groups of operators in Hilbert space and applications (Chapters I & II only),
by P. de la Harpe

Dynamical representations in nilmanifolds,
by W. Parry

The Princeton notes on the hauptvermutung,
by M.A. Armstrong, G.E. Cooke & C.P. Rourke

Quasi-monotone and confluent images of irreducible continua,
by J.B. Fugate & L. Mohler

On conjectures of Smale and others concerning the diffeomorphism group of Sn, and On structure theorems,
by C.P. Rourke

Affine transformations and coalescence,
by P. Walters

Groupes de Lie - produits tensoriels de représentations de groupes de Lie,
by M.G. Lehrer

Central simplicity and Chevalley algebras,
by I. Stewart

A class of modules over a locally finite group I,
by B. Hartley

Permutable subgroups of some finite p-groups,
by S.E. Stonehewer

The Clifford algebra and the spinor group of a Hilbert space II,
by P. de la Harpe

Groupe spinoriel associe a un espace de Hilbert, II,
by P. de la Harpe

Closure operations for Schunk classes,
by T.O. Hawkes

The subnormal coalescence of some classes of groups of finite rank,
by M. Drukker, D.J.S. Robinson, & I. Stewart

A class of modules over a locally finite group II,
by B. Hartley

A remark on the signature and G-signature of compact manifolds with boundary,
by C-C Hsiung

Some mapping theorems,
by R.C. Lacher

The characters of the finite special linear groups,
by G.I. Lehrer

Transitive permutation groups of degree 3q + 2,
by Meei Pyng Ng

Zeeman's catastrophe machine,
by T. Poston & T. Woodcock

Representing homology classes,
by C.P. Rourke

Non-commutative rings whose homomorphic images are self-injective,
by C.R. Hajarnavis

On a generalization of ˜b,
by M. Kuranishi

Verbal and marginal properties of non-associative algebras,
by I. Stewart

Walking around the Brauer tree,
by J.A. Green

Lie algebras in which every n-generator subalgebra is an n-step subideal,
by R.K. Amayo

Adjoint groups and the Mal'cev correspondence: a tale of four functors,
by I. Stewart

Permutable subgroups of some finite permutation groups,
by S.E. Stonehewer

Some transformations having a unique measure with maximal entropy,
by P. Walters

Discrete real time flows with quasi-discrete spectra and algebras generated by exp q(t),
by F. Hahn

Cone complexes and p.l. transversality,
by C. McCrory

A uniform approach to finiteness conditions in soluble groups,
by I. Stewart

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