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WMI Preprints 1973

Filtrations of Banach manifolds II: Mukherjea's theorem on tubular neighbourhoods,
by C.J. Atkin

Filtrations of Banach manifolds III: decomposition theorems,
by C.J. Atkin

Note on a posthumous paper of Hahn,
by W. Parry

A variational principle for the pressure of continuous transformations,
by P. Walters

Descending chain conditions for Lie algebras of prime characteristic,
by R.K. Amayo & I. Stewart

Blocks with a cyclic defect group,
by R.M. Peacock

Crystallography in spaces of arbitrary dimension,
by R.L.E. Schwarzenberger

The discrete series representations of the general linear groups over a finite field,
by G. Lusztig

Characters and derived length in groups of odd order,
by T.R. Berger

p-subgroups of core-free quasinormal subgroups II,
by F. Gross

A character-theoretic criterion for the existence of normal complements to subgroups of finite groups,
by T. Hawkes & J. Humphreys

The 17 plane symmetry groups,
by R.L.E. Schwarzenberger

Modular representations of finite groups of Lie type,
by R.W. Carter & G. Lusztig

Augmentation powers of locally finite groups,
by B. Hartley

Caustics and catastrophes,
by K. Jänich

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